Aeronautical Information Service Clerk

Aeronautical information service clerks are responsible, in accordance with international standards and practices, for the timely flow of aeronautical information necessary for the safety and efficiency of national and international aviation. 

They prepare pre-flight bulletins, provide current data and information, entailing the distribution of current aeronautical data and information that may influence flight operations; documented information, which involves the designing, collating, processing, editing and distribution of documented information relating to flight operations; and charting data and information, which can involve conducting surveys of activities that influence flight operations.

Most of the work is computer driven and involves shift-work, as services have to be available on a 24-hour basis.

They need to be diligent and accurate in the performance of their duties.  As service providers, they have to be respectful towards others by treating them in a courteous, polite and friendly manner.

Personal Requirements

  • diligent and accurate
  • computer skills
  • respectful and courteous
  • polite and friendly
  • self-controlled and level-headed
  • instil confidence when conveying information
  • willingness to work shifts


  • airports
  • SA Air Force
  • Denel Aviation

Getting Started

  • make an appointment to speak to an aeronautical information service clerk
  •  try to get permission to observe this work first hand
  • practise your computer skills


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