Attorneys give advice to clients regarding their rights and obligations on matters relating to the law. They serve a variety of clients including business organizations, local authorities, the government and individuals. 

Attorneys have different areas of specialisation, however, most are involved with basic activities relating to the representation of clients both in civil and criminal cases. In civil cases an attorney may assist a client with contracts, leases, wills and trusts. In criminal cases an attorney may act on behalf of a client charged with a criminal offence. In every case an attorney needs to consult the client to determine the nature of the problem and to give advice.

Areas of specialisation may include the following:

  • Business and Corporate Law
  • Civil and Criminal Litigation
  • Property Transactions
  • Taxation
  • Estate Planning and Business
  • Patent Law
  • Personal Advice

Personal Requirements

  • enjoy working with people
  • excellent communication skills, both in writing and in speech
  • able to reason logically
  • able to interpret problems quickly and correctly
  • absolute honesty, integrity and reliability
  • stamina
  • above average intelligence


  • business firms
  • central, provincial or local government
  • law schools
  • legal aid societies such as non-profit organisations
  • self-employment, in private practice

Getting Started

  • arrange to speak to an attorney to obtain first-hand information about this field
  • try to obtain vacation work in a law office
  • attend open court sessions
  • join a debating society and take part in discussions



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