Building or Construction Manager

Building or construction managers use their knowledge of all aspects of building and construction to plan and oversee building projects and advise architects, engineers, and quantity surveyors.

Building managers organise subcontractors and materials, manage time, contracts and regulations, and serve as liaison between architects and building contractors.

There are five main, important functions that building managers perform: purchasing; calculation of expenses; planning; building surveying; and control management. Although they do not necessarily carry out these tasks themselves, they have to ensure that these aspects of the building process run smoothly.

Building managers may work in various positions including: project managers of large building projects or building controllers for large municipalities or contract or financial managers. They may also act as technical advisers when buildings are planned and constructed.

Personal Requirements

  • interest in building and construction
  • logical thinker
  • able to coordinate team work
  • prepared to work outdoors
  • get along well with and motivate people at all levels
  • good communication skills


  • government departments and municipalities
  • building contractors and subcontractors
  • construction companies
  • financial institutions
  • retailers and manufacturers in the building industry
  • self-employment

Getting Started

  • talk to a building or construction manager and ask permission to observe them at work
  • try getting part-time or vacation work with a building contractor


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