Chauffeurs drive hired cars, business cars or government cars, transporting government officials, representatives from foreign countries or private individuals to and from meetings, functions and other events.

Chauffeurs also transport travellers in limousines and large vans between hotels, airports, or bus and train terminals. They may be hired to drive luxury vehicles to transport celebrities to special events. Alternatively, they may specialise in driving hearses and limousines for funerals. It is important that they follow the relevant safety regulations and laws governing vehicle operation and ensure that passengers also follow the safety regulations.  They may be required to provide passengers with assistance entering and exiting the vehicles, and help them with any luggage.  Passengers are provided with information about the local area and points of interest, or given advice on hotels and restaurants.  Some chauffeurs operate vehicles with specialised equipment such as wheelchair lifts, to transport and secure patients with special needs. 

Chauffeurs may be employed by wealthy families and private companies to provide personal transportation. In some instances, they may double as bodyguards. 

They may also be expected to carry out miscellaneous errands, such as carrying mail to and from the post office. Chauffeurs are expected to ensure that the cars they drive are ready for use; that they are clean, and everything is in working order.  They must test the vehicle equipment such as lights, brakes, hooters or windshield wipers, to ensure that they are in proper working order.  They also need to perform routine vehicle maintenance such as regulating tyre pressure and adding petrol, oil or water, and to vacuum and clean interiors, and wash and polish the exteriors of the vehicles.  They may perform minor vehicle repairs, such as cleaning spark plugs, or take the vehicles to mechanics for servicing.

Personal Requirements

  • at least 18 years old
  • hold a valid driver’s licence
  • good driving skills
  • good sense of direction
  • friendly and able to get along with different people
  • willing to pamper passengers
  • able to make quick and good decisions in emergency situations
  • calm, responsible and have integrity


  • wealthy families and celebrities
  • private companies
  • large car hire companies
  • local and foreign governmental organisations
  • hotels
  • airports
  • undertakers
  • leisure resorts
  • self-employment

Getting Started

  • develop your driving skills and familiarise yourself with roads and off-ramps
  • speak to a chauffeur about this type of occupation


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