Comedians are entertainers who use various techniques to make an audience laugh. This sounds like a very easy task, but comedians have to put a lot of time and effort into the preparation of their assignments.

Good comedians succeed in making people laugh without using pranks or special gimmicks. Stand-up comedy is usually performed at comedy clubs and is probably the most common type of performance. Stand-up comedians often travel and work in a variety of settings.

Comedians are similar to storytellers - they have a special ability to make their audience care about their character. Many comedians will tell a story about their own lives, evoking not only laughter but also empathy.

Personal Requirements

  • good communication and performance skills
  • sense of humour and comic ability
  • able to see the funny side of any situation
  • strong stage personality
  • able to handle disappointment
  • able to keep a ‘deadpan’ face
  • not showing emotion when audience does not respond


  • comedy clubs
  • nightclubs
  • television shows
  • radio programmes
  • self-employment

Getting Started

  • develop your communication and stage skills
  • begin to see events in a humorous way
  • visit comedy clubs and take note of the type of jokes audiences enjoy most


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