Copywriters use their creative writing skills to come up with the wording and audio scripts which accompany visuals used an advert.

A copywriter writes the wording for advertisements and scripts for TV, film, radio and online commercials and thinks up ideas for complete advertising campaigns in all media. They gather information about the product or service and its potential customers.

Once the objectives of a particular assignment have been determined, the copy-writer and the art director team up to think out and design a campaign and decide how best the campaign objectives can be achieved by communicating this particular campaign persuasively to the target market. They may consult other advertising agency specialists and the client.

The copywriter also writes all types of promotional or informational booklets, sales promotional materials or merchandising campaign materials. The online media has opened up opportunities for copywriters to create advertising for webpages, including social media marketing and advertising, either working in an employed position or as a freelancer.

Personal Requirements

  • have an appropriate writing or journalistic-type background
  • be able to work with different styles of music
  • be creative and imaginative
  • be a clear and logical thinker
  • be able to communicate ideas in writing and in speech
  • be willing to work with and test new and unusual ideas
  • be able to work under deadline pressures
  • be willing to accept criticism


  • advertising agencies
  • advertisers such as department stores
  • the media (radio, television, newspapers and magazines)
  • professional and trade organisations

Getting Started

  • try to obtain vacation work in a company employing copywriters
  • make an appointment to speak to a copywriter


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