Driver and Stacker

Drivers and stackers handle forklifting machines by moving levers and pressing pedals to control the movement of the lifting apparatus. Their role is similar to that of a forklift driver, however they are usually confined to lifting and stacking goods on top of each other.

The machines are usually electrically powered for indoor use and petrol or diesel powered for outdoor use. Indoor machines stack goods no higher than roof or ceiling level of the floor on which they operate. The machine used in outdoor operations is normally a counterbalanced forklift.

The design of the forklift may vary according to the type and size of the materials to be removed or stacked. Forklift machines are used to move materials from loaded pallets, boxes, tow trucks or trailer hitches to a designated point in a warehouse or other storage area.

Drivers and stackers use fork-lifting machines to: lift the load from where it has been delivered; stack each load to a suitable storage height; and to clear any obstructions.

The work requires precision because the load must be lowered at the correct angle into its exact position. Working hours and conditions depend on the nature of the products and industry.

Personal Requirements

  • responsible
  • patient and have perseverance
  • good eyesight
  • good eye-hand coordination
  • good coordination between right and left
  • manual dexterity
  • able to judge distances and heights accurately
  • willing to work shifts


  • freight and transport companies
  • such organisations as: Transnet, SA Airways
  • building contractors
  • harbours
  • industries that need to store material

Getting Started

  • visit various factories or manufacturing companies and watch stackers move cargo
  • speak to a driver / stacker and observe them at work


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