Fitness and Health Consultant

Fitness and health consultants assess the physical health and fitness levels of clients and, on the basis of this assessment, offer advice on lifestyle changes to improve fitness, general health and well-being.

At the initial evaluation, fitness and health consultants will conduct physical tests such as measurement of pulse, heart rate and weight.

Fitness consultants also evaluate the client’s general state of well-being by inquiring into such matters as stress, eating habits, illnesses and physical activity. Following this, a lifestyle plan is then recommended for the client which addresses aspects such as diet, an exercise programme and stress management.

Personal Requirements

  • fit and healthy appearance
  • professional and self-confident
  • good communication skills
  • likeable, empathetic and patient
  • enthusiastic and able to motivate others


  • universities
  • private colleges
  • training departments of large corporations
  • non-governmental organisations
  • institutions specifically established for adult education
  • dance studios
  • health clubs
  • job training centres
  • community organisations
  • trade unions
  • religious organisations
  • old age homes
  • self-employment, set up own consultancy

Getting Started

  • make an appointment to talk to a fitness and health consultant about this type of career and ask to watch them work
  • attend fitness classes and ensure that you are very fit yourself
  • useful experience for this type of career includes working in areas such as nutrition, physiotherapy or physical education and in customer service work


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