Garage Manager (Service Station Manager)

Garage managers are responsible for the total organization of a garage or service station, including the supervision and control of personnel as well as the retail operations surrounding the business.

One of the most common sites next to the roadside is a garage or service station providing fuel and other services for motorists. Garages or service stations are owned and operated by individual franchisee owners, but in most instances the land is controlled by the big oil companies. A franchise or retail agreement manages this relationship and the garage or service station manager is employed to run the business. 

Garage managers may be involved in the general management of employees in cooperation with the different supervisors in charge of the various departments. Service is an important aspect of running a successful garage, a garage manager is directly responsible for retaining the goodwill of the public by ensuring satisfactory service and creating and maintaining a sense of shared purpose amongst the garage staff. 

Most garages today have introduced additional revenue streams such as convenience stores situated on the garage premises. This change of has meant that garage managers are required to have additional merchandising and management skills previously not required at a traditional garage. Clients expect to be able to fill-up a car and purchase convenience items such as bread and milk or a quick meal. Established retailers and restaurant chains are partnering with oil companies and service station businesses to capitalise on that convenience and increase their market share. 

Personal Requirements

  • organisational ability
  • leadership qualities
  • be able to communicate well and get along with people
  • present a well-groomed appearance
  • be objective and fair
  • be able to motivate others towards a common goal and be interested in their work
  • good business sense
  • understand accounting procedures


  • garage companies (as managers or as managing directors)
  • self-employment (as owners of garages)

Getting Started

  • try to obtain vacation work at a garage
  • speak to a garage manager about this career


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