Golf Caddie

Golf caddies carry golfers' golf bags, or pull the carts that hold the golf bags.

In addition to carrying the bag, they clean the ball, rake the bunkers, replace divots and hold the flag, but the real skill in caddying lies in helping their golfer to determine the distance to the pin, in advising them on which club to select for a particular shot if asked to do so, and informing them how their game is holding up, as well as how they think it could be improved.  They advise players on the peculiarities of the golf course. Caddies also locate driven balls and hold the marker out of the cup while the player putts.

Top-notch or professional golfers often require caddies who are excellent golfers themselves. The work of golf caddies can be done on a part-time or full-time basis.

Personal Requirements

  • keen interest in golf
  • physically fit and healthy
  • reliable and honest
  • have integrity
  • friendly and helpful


  • country clubs or golf clubs
  • community golf courses
  • professional golfers

Getting Started

  • get physically fit and find out as much as possible about golf
  • try to get a part-time or holiday job at a golf course
  • speak to a golf caddie about this type of work


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