Insurance Agent

Insurance agents sell policies to individuals and businesses to provide protection against future losses and/or financial pressures. Agents must analyse the needs of their clients and help them plan appropriate protection.

Insurance protection may be for a motorcar, home, business or other property for protection of a family if the breadwinner dies, or for protection against hospital and medical costs. Insurance agents also help their clients to obtain claim settlements.

Areas of specialisation include:

  • Life Insurance
  • Property (fire and damage) insurance
  • Motor and liability (theft, personal, casualty and third party) insurance
In addition, they provide follow-up services to keep their clients’ insurance programmes up-to-date. They give advice on adding to or amending existing policies.

Insurance agents work indoors, usually in their own offices. Agents also travel to the offices or homes of their clients.

Personal Requirements

  • mature and balanced personality
  • ambitious, enthusiastic and motivated
  • initiative
  • a real interest in people and get along well with others
  • convincing and self-disciplined and work well without supervision
  • good health and physical stamina 
  • neat, well-groomed appearance
  • good communication skills


  • insurance companies and brokers
  • self-employed, as freelance agent or insurance broker

Getting Started

  • try to secure holiday work in an insurance company to gain sales experience
  • arrange to speak to insurance agents to find out about this type of career


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