Market Research Analyst

Market Research Analysts study market trends and data to help businesses make informed decisions about their products and services.

Market Research Analysts gather and analyse data about consumer preferences, market trends, and competitor strategies. They interpret this information to provide insights that guide companies in making strategic decisions about their products, pricing, and marketing strategies. They use various methods such as surveys, focus groups, and statistical analysis to gather and interpret data. Strong analytical skills and a keen understanding of consumer behaviour are crucial for success in this role.


  • Designing and conducting market research studies.
  • Collecting data through surveys, interviews, and observations.
  • Analysing data using statistical techniques and software.
  • Interpreting and presenting findings to stakeholders.
  • Identifying market trends and opportunities.
  • Monitoring and evaluating the performance of products and campaigns.


  • Data analysis and interpretation.
  • Strong quantitative and qualitative research skills.
  • Proficiency in statistical tools and software.
  • Understanding of consumer behaviour and market dynamics.


  • Market research firms
  • Consumer goods companies
  • Advertising and marketing agencies
  • Financial institutions
  • Healthcare organizations


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