News Reporter

News reporters gather information about newsworthy events in order to write stories for publication or broadcast.

News media broadly fall into two categories and reporters generally specialise in one or the other:

  • Print media; which includes newspapers and magazines
  • Digital publishing on the World Wide Web and broadcast media; which covers radio and television
Reporters usually start out by reporting on general news, such as court cases or crime. As experience is gained they move on to specialised areas such as sport or politics. News reporting offers a wide range of possibilities, depending on the individual’s temperament. One option is the high pressure ‘buzz’ of a daily newspaper, or feature writing for magazines; alternatively sub-editing and layout or even broadcast reporting from war zones (if action is what you really want).

Personal Requirements

  • a ‘nose for news’
  • enthusiastic curiosity about people and events
  • well-developed writing and communication skills
  • objective
  • persistent
  • initiative
  • creative and resourceful
  • good memory
  • physical stamina and emotional stability
  • at ease on camera, for a broadcast reporter
  • at ease in unfamiliar places with all kinds of people


  • daily or weekly newspapers
  • niche market magazines
  • specialised trade journals in numerous fields
  • large corporations, e.g. in-house newspaper, annual reports, etc.
  • television channels
  • radio stations
  • self-employment, with freelance work

Getting Started

  • try to obtain vacation or part-time work with a newspaper or radio station
  • arrange to speak to a news reporter about this type of career


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