Purchasing Manager

Purchasing managers ensure the effective supply of machinery, raw materials and services to enterprises by buying items, which are used or processed by the company.

The main duty of purchasing managers is to find suppliers that offer the best value. They compare catalogues and journals, telephone suppliers, examine samples and attend demonstrations and conferences. Consultation with employees in the various departments helps determine the specifications of the items needed.

Purchasing managers need to establish good business relationships with suppliers to obtain satisfactory payment plans, quick delivery for emergency orders and cost savings.

They are required to check delivered goods before payment can be authorized and therefore a sound knowledge of every aspect of the company is needed.

Personal Requirements

  • good verbal and written expression
  • able to work with others
  • alert to recognise and make use of favourable opportunities
  • negotiate in a tactful but decisive manner
  • confidence, persuasiveness and resilience


  • suppliers and distributors of any kind of merchandise
  • large companies
  • manufacturers of computers and communication equipment
  • city councils
  • regional government offices
  • mining groups


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