Research Psychologist

Psychology is a broad field with several areas of specialisation. In experimental psychology, for example, psychologists carry out research projects to develop theories about learning, motivation, and other aspects of behaviour.

Research psychologists apply skills in statistics, research design, computing and data analysis in an attempt to answer a variety of questions.

They conduct research at centres, universities, corporations, non-profit organisations, or for the government. They look at patterns of behavior in humans or animals to learn about attention span, learning processes, effects of drugs, motivation, genetics, and neurology.

Applied psychologists utilise psychological principles and research to solve real-world problems. Examples include aviation psychologists, engineering psychologists, industrial-organisational psychologists and human factors psychologists.

Developmental psychologists research the growth and change that take place throughout life. They may concentrate on one particular stage of development, such as adolescence or old age. Other specialties include educational psychology, comparative psychology, social psychology and psychometrics.

Lecturers in psychology usually engage in research as well.


  • universities and colleges
  • government departments
  • HSRC and CSIR
  • consulting agencies
  • private, public and psychiatric hospitals
  • community and rehabilitation clinics etc.
  • correctional institutions
  • management institutes
  • market research organisations
  • self-employment, in private practice


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