Sales Manager

Sales managers organize and monitor marketing and distribution strategies. The work includes the supervision of the sales staff and the development of sales programmes designed to introduce prospective customers to new products and services.

Sales managers are also responsible for reviewing market trends and evaluating sales. Sales management may include the development of a network of dealers that sell a product in the field.

It is important that the sales manager leads by example in providing excellent service to clients and the public at large. Poor service can lead to a decline in profit for the company. The sales manager must provide the sales staff with the best training and information on sales strategies. In bigger companies there may be more than one manager and every manager may be responsible for a separate department.

Sales managers usually work in business offices that are clean, pleasant and well lit. Some areas of specialisation include: automotive sales; wholesale sales; real estate sales; advertising and marketing.

Personal Requirements

  • persistent and persuasive
  • good judge of character
  • enjoy detailed work
  • perceptive and understand human nature
  • deal easily with people
  • able to make decisions and work without supervision
  • mathematical ability


  • wholesale and retail stores
  • manufacturing firms
  • large and small businesses
  • self-employment, with enough experience, initiative and capital, can start own business

Getting Started

  • try to obtain vacation or part-time work as a shop assistant or a salesperson
  • arrange to speak to sales managers about this type of career and ask to observe them


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