Television Presenter

Specific duties of television presenters are determined by their employer. Television presenters may specialize in specific areas of announcing, such as children's programmes, news, sports or the weather and, obviously, need to be familiar with their chosen areas.

Between programmes, they may be required to advertise forthcoming productions, make promotional and public announcements and identify the station. Some presenters introduce live programmes, while others announce pre-recorded or filmed programmes.

Television announcers and presenters work under bright, hot lights in front of cameras. Presenters may also be required to make appearances in the community for charity, social and community events. They are required to work irregular hours in shifts.

Some television presenters also develop, create, record and produce special television programmes.

Personal Requirements

  • confident and have initiative and good judgement
  • well-groomed appearance
  • able to react quickly in an emergencyable to project personality to audiences
  • able to work well with others
  • pleasant, well-controlled speaking voice and good pronunciation
  • good health and stamina


  • television companies
  • self-employment, doing freelance work

Getting Started

  • try to develop an outgoing personality and ability to speak in front of others by participating in drama clubs or productions
  • become well read and well informed in a variety of areas
  • arrange an appointment to visit a television station and to speak to TV presenters


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