A teller works for a bank or building society.

The main responsibility of the teller is to receive and pay out money and process the accompanying documentation. This entails a combination of any of the following tasks:

  • receiving cash and cheques for deposit;
  • verifying amounts;
  • examining cheques for endorsements;
  • processing transactions electronically;
  • cashing cheques and paying out money on verification of signatures and customer balances;
  • processing credit card payments;
  • cashing foreign exchange and traveller's cheques.
When the bank closes for business at the end of the day, the teller has to balance up the day's transactions.

Personal Requirements

  • ability to work accurately with figures (branch personnel)
  • ability to understand financial matters (senior and executive officers)
  • enjoy working with the public
  • responsible
  • ability to maintain pleasant public relations, internally as well as with the public
  • empathy and good communication skills
  • ability to concentrate and work well under pressure
  • integrity and exemplary behaviour at all times
  • trustworthy, dependable and honest


Banks and building societies


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