Training Consultant

Training consultants prepare and conduct training programmes for employees.

They meet with management and study job operations to learn the demands of the actual work situations of the employees to be trained. They may conduct a training needs analysis and then select suitable teaching aids such as handbooks, demonstration models and visual aids, and schedule training sessions. Training may take place at the workplace itself - on-the-job, or at a venue outside of the organisation. The training may be conducted online or blended training which involves a mixing of traditional face-to-face classroom facilitation with computer-based modules online training.

Training consultants use techniques to test trainees and to measure progress and sometimes advise them on further study.  Consultants may train employees on social skills such as, teamwork, time-management and leadership training. Alternatively,consultants may have specialised job specific knowlege and will train workers on the technical skills of the job. 

At the end of the training consultants will create reports outlining the training effectiveness and suggest improvements. Training consultants work with an underlying goal of adding customer value to the organisation they are contracting to. The idea continuous improvement is built into the training goals which is an ongoing effort of improving the services of the organisation and adding customer value. 

Personal Requirements

  • above-average intellectual ability
  • pay attention to detail
  • enjoy being part of a team
  • fair and objective
  • able to speak and write clearly and effectively
  • proficient in languages
  • practical, adaptable and tactful
  • able to work well with people and be able to make friends easily


  • government departments
  • local authorities
  • mining companies
  • commerce
  • industry


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